Born into a Sunni family, Paigham Mustafa questioned the anomalies that exist between what people believed and practiced to what was actually in the Quran.


In the 1990s a like-minded acquaintance inspired Mustafa to seek answers to the many inconvenient questions. The current state of affairs transpired not only because the translations of the Quran were poor, but also because people did not understand what they were reading, even when they could recite the Quran perfectly from memory. Most people rely, as they have always done, on priests, clerics and religious ‘scholars’ to provide the interpretations. This reliance is misplaced, as leaders and the imams, in their zeal to control people, have created many religions and sects with differing doctrines and rituals – which are all alien to the true Deen-Islam.


Mustafa decided he must find out the truth for himself. To his great surprise he discovered some amazing realities that were hidden from the general view.


The stimulus for this rendition of the Quran came from the 1930s publication The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam by Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, the philosopher of the East who was knighted in 1922 by King George. Like all great men, Iqbal was a thinker and his ideas were exceptionally advanced for his time. His writings and the writings of his contemporaries were the inspiration for this exposition of the Quran.


The compiling of this edition first started in 1991 based on the research of many Quran readers. These people were not all necessarily great philosophers as was Iqbal, but in their own way they contributed their findings to ensure that this rendition is the most thorough to date. The people who helped complete this work sacrificed a great deal to enable this achievement to take place. For that, Mustafa is eternally grateful. This is the work of many great hands and, to borrow and paraphrase a quote from Sir Isaac Newton, Mustafa can genuinely say that he has “seen further and clearer, because [he] stood on the shoulders of  giants”.


This book does not present anything new. It’s not a reconstruction of Islam – which can only be defined by God, who does so in the Quran: this is the reconstruction of thinking and Islam. This is ijtihad: the endeavour of independent thinking, the door to which most Muslims have closed because of their reliance on interpretations encapsulated in the 9th century and have surrendered their right of independent reflection to their ‘scholars’ – who have their own self-serving political motives.


The Quran says that muslims are knowledgeable, forward thinking and tolerant, but the traditional Muslims and their imams condemn and persecute those who differ from their fossilised interpretation and seek a better understanding.


This is just one reason why it is important to understand the true meaning of the Quran. Those individuals that do, will become muslims with the power of true knowledge to support them and the ability to answer many challenging and difficult questions.


If the word ‘Islam’ conjures up a medieval image frequently projected by some of the media, and in no small way substantiated by many sections of the self-appointed ‘guardians of faith’, then prepare yourself to be enlightened.

“His is the kind of liberal, moderate Muslim voice politicians and faith leaders want to hear more of …”

Sunday Times, News Review.

The Quran: God’s message to mankind. A genuinely practical book of reference and guidance. With the clarity and accuracy of an improved translation, making it easy to understand. This is an authoritative and accessible exposition in a way that others are not.