History shows that homosexuality has always been around, so it is not a new phenomenon. But generally people have been apprehensive of, if not hostile to homosexuality. It is fashionable now for people from all walks of life to be open about their sexuality, but previously homosexuality was openly prevalent only amongst entertainers, actors, singers and other attention-seekers or those who paid no regard to social norms.


As far as the law is concerned, morality is not a permanent value but something that is changeable. For example, in England and Wales, the Sexual Offences Act 1967 decriminalised homosexual acts in private between two men over the age of 21. The Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 1980 provided the same freedom in Scotland. This attempt to liberalise the law was largely due to the increasing prosecution of homosexual men. The death penalty for homosexuals in Wales was only lifted in 1917. The Wolfenden Report (1957) was the findings of the Wolfenden Committee who came to the conclusion that criminal law could not credibly intervene in the private sexual affairs of consenting adults in the privacy of their homes.


Whether homosexuality is a case of nature over nurture will always remain an open debate as there is no conclusive proof that there is a ‘gay gene’, showing homosexuality as ingrained sexuality or as a sexual preference as opposed to sexual orientation. To find homosexuality’s place in society we really have to look at a much more subtle aspect of evolution and the benefits of sex to social advancement. The underlying feature of such an enquiry must be based on Permanent Values that push the social procession forward and the part sex plays in this evolutionary mechanism. Before, homosexuals had much to fear (even now most countries outlaw acts of sodomy, or buggery as it is sometimes referred to) but in the politically correct world it is homophobia that is wicked. However, neither position needs to be as polarised or criticised so intensely.


The only goal worthy of human beings is Self-development. It means the full unfolding of the Self and the actualising of all its potentialities. The aim of the moral endeavour is to move nearer to this goal. To be realised, the latent excellence needs a proper environment that only a society based on Permanent Values can bring about. All good actions lead to the development of the Self and all bad actions hamper and impede the process of Self-development. This is the criterion by which we can judge the worth of our actions. Does homosexuality progress or regress our Self-development and by consequence create a better or worse society for all of us?


The theory of evolution accepts that the competition is to survive and live forever. Plants do this by ensuring that the most widespread pollination takes place and their seeds are dispersed as pollination extensively as possible by animals, insects and winds. The environment does the rest. For some in the animal kingdom, survival is ensured by having a great many young, and also by adapting to the changing conditions. Humans, too, live through their children and seek partners to ensure that their kind have the best chances of continued existence. How does homosexuality contribute to this endeavour?


It can be argued that in this day and age it is not necessary for everyone to produce children. Yes, it’s true. There are millions of orphans that need to be looked after but for this we all have a responsibility to adopt or at least foster those children in need. But we do not need to be homosexual to take part in this effort.


Under normal circumstances it takes a man and a woman to produce a child, and for its physical and mental wellbeing it proves better to have both a father and a mother who care for it as it grows to maturity. For example, breastfeeding has many health advantages for both the mother and her child. Family structure studies based on large numbers taking into account the full range of socio-economic groups find that children with married heterosexual parents succeed far better than those living with same-sex partners. Smaller studies of white, well educated, wealthy gay and lesbian guardians and their adopted children just cannot reveal the full picture. It’s apparent that unless there are circumstances where children cannot live with their parents, the best place is with their parents and not with anyone else.


It was the Wolfenden Committee that concluded criminal law could not credibly intervene in the private sexual affairs of consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes. If this is the case, does this apply only to homosexual acts? Is it not then wrong for criminal law to interfere in any private sexual affairs of consenting adults in the privacy of their home? What about sex between father and son, mother and son, siblings or even grandparent and grandchild? Should we now move to change the law in favour of incestuous relationships between all consenting adults?


Cleopatra’s first marriage was to her brother, and she too was the result of a brother/sister marriage. Is this a good option of how society should produce offspring and prosper? If not, where then do we draw the line? Even in free liberal democratic societies there are some things that still do not attract popular appeal. Whether the state law permits or forbids some sexual act, or even if a society accepts something previously outlawed, it does not make it right or morally correct. As with homosexuality, while sexual attraction to a close blood relative cannot be controlled, incest, the sexual act is forbidden.


If homosexual acts are a right of consenting adults then by extension, any sexual act by consenting adults, including incestuous sex, should also be a right. However, both are detrimental to the welfare and progress of society, and therefore the Quran deems them to be criminal.


A Permanent Law is something which is applicable irrespective of society or lawmakers’ wishes. The Permanent Law’s only concern is to create an environment, a society where the Self can grow and develop and realise its full potential. This means discipline and restraint to bring out the best in an individual’s personality. Just as a civilised adult male lusting after a pre-pubescent child bridles himself, so must an adult contain his or her passion for a lesbian, gay man or an incestuous act of sexual gratification.


God decrees that the act of having sex with a same-sex partner is the result of a choice. It is inconceivable that God made people homosexuals then declared it a crime and proscribed it. To accept such a proposition is to accept that God is unjust.


Inclinations can exist within humans for a variety of natural and unnatural acts, from heberphilia to fornication and rape, and from necrophilia to bestiality. In fact, in Germany, Denmark and Norway, people can legally pay to have sex with animals. In Germany, the 1969 law banning sex with animals was repealed and the Animal Protection Law was introduced, but it failed to include a specific ban on zoophilia which meant that it is perfectly legal to have sex with horses and other animals. Visitors to these ‘Barnyard Brothels’ term it as a ‘lifestyle’ choice. Most people will find this repulsive but for some it is acceptable and just a matter of preference.


Such inclinations may come from peer-group suggestions or even from social fashions of the day. Human beings are not like robots who only do what they are programmed to do. Humans choose and God holds them responsible for their choices. Were homosexuality a product of genetic destiny, it would be unfair for God to criminalise those who practice it. Currently, some people are even claiming that murder is of genetic origin. To accept that would mean to excuse murderers and tolerate them.


In the West, today, homosexuality and lesbianism have both been dubbed alternative lifestyles. Where homosexuality was once considered a crime, and even an illness, it is now homophobia that is frowned upon in western countries. Consequently, Islam and muslims are considered intolerant and narrow-minded due to their opposition to homosexuality.


The Quran establishes the guidelines on how a society should live – guidelines for all time through Permanent Values. The scope of the Quran could not be greater. It contains rules that will be productive to any society. The Quran does not censure homosexuals, but condemns the sexual act of same-sex partners as a perverse and unnatural act.The Quran objects to the homosexual act on the basis that it is unproductive and does not complete our biological functions and therefore does not add value to life. Every society requires the new life that a heterosexual marriage is expected to produce. Otherwise a society will become unbalanced and extinct. This is why a productive heterosexual relationship is endorsed. The Quran says that marriage must take place between a man and a woman. Therefore, the Deen-Islam: the social order, is not in accord with homosexual relationships or a homosexual couple raising a child. However, the Quran does not demonise homosexuals, but condemns the sexual act. Those who have no interest in a heterosexual relationship are not banished from society, neither are they forced to conform nor forced into marrying a member of the opposite sex. Indeed, the requirements for marriage stated in the Quran would forbid this. In line with proper sexual conduct God also forbids incestuous relationships.


If there is no decree in the Quran to kill those who practice homosexuality why then was Lot’s community annihilated? First of all it should be noted that these licentious people had gone beyond all bounds of morality and transgression. Their behaviour was decadent and regressive to society as a whole. The history of Lot’s people is about depraved people seeking to satisfy such dissipated lusts and are thus condemned by God. This event describes people who are aggressive in their will to commit this atrocious crime – the intent was violent anal rape, Lot’s visitors did not invite them for casual sex (even that would have been abhorrent) – and therefore their actions warrant destruction.


So provided that society is not corrupted by such actions, the balance that the Quran recommends is to promote heterosexual relationships without alienating homosexuals, hermaphrodites, transgender and discriminating people on the basis of their sexual orientation.