Unlike religions enshrined in rituals and rites, the Deen-Islam is based on Absolute Laws and Permanent Values, and like any other system, the benefits and progress can be measured. This can be seen when fear and turmoil is replaced with peace and security resulting in not only the progress and welfare of society but also development of the Self. The ability to raise the status of the Self by human endeavour is of critical importance because it makes the Self fit for the life yet to come. Muslims understand this and apply the Quranic values. The following is not an exhaustive list but serves to illustrate some important aspects of Deen-Islam that every society needs in order to move forward.


  • Accountability to God. This principle underpins everything. Disbelief in this means that we hold our own opinion, or that of someone else over and above that of God. Since one person’s opinion is equal to that of another, then the individual with the most power can and will enforce his or her own opinion. In this case might is right. True justice and equity can only be achieved with external guidance, which we have in the Quran. There is no book in the world, other than the Quran, that gives a holistic set of laws and values: The Permanent Values and Absolute Laws.


  • The law of Requital: accountability and accepting responsibility for your own actions.
  • Management of the world’s resources.
  • Spend from the things you love and be benefactors of society.
  • Help maintain a Social Welfare Programme for the benefit of all citizens.
  • Observe all commitments to yourself, family, relatives, neighbours

and the community.

  • Keep promises that are made.
  • Persevere in times of hardship and adversity.
  • Do not bear false witness.
  • Honour and be dutiful to parents.
  • Restrain anger and refrain from aggression.
  • Do not profiteer, engage in bribery or exploitation.
  • Do not devour the property of orphans and protect orphans.
  • Do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly.
  • Do not mix the truth with falsehood.
  • Judge with justice between people.
  • Advocate good and prohibit the bad.
  • Punish criminals justly – take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Trade equitably, the right goods for the right price.
  • Maintain a Social Welfare system for all citizens.
  • Maintain equality and tolerance – but not peace at any price.
  • Wage war against the corrupt and the criminal who create fear and turmoil.


These are just some of the values the Quran decrees for people to believe and implement to create  communities and societies for a life of peace and security.