The message of this book is that the mullahs are entombed in mindlessness and insanity because they do not obey the literal Koran. Totally contrary to what many western observers say the mullahs and their blind followers are far removed from their own Koran. From the first page till its end this book will show that there is not one thing the mullah preaches everyday in the name of his religion which can be traced back to the Koran. In the Koran there are no 72 virgins waiting for anyone. Neither is there any ‘heaven, ‘hell’ or ‘afterlife’.  The noun ‘Muhammad’ is also not found in the Koran. The Muslims have become raving mobs and gargantuan failures in life because they have abandoned the Koran and blindly follow the mullahs. And in the process the Muslims have also become rejecters. In Arabic rejecter means kafir i.e. one who opposes. The vast majority of Muslims are actually outside the pale of Islam. They are rejecters.


Not only western readers but Muslims too will be surprised by this statement. Throughout this book you will observe the truth of this statement. Every single religious practise, ritual and belief the mullahs teach is not from the Koran. The word  used in this book is ‘non Koranic’.


So where do the mullahs’ beliefs come from? Almost all these non Koranic practises are plagiarised from the biblical, Jewish, Zoroastrian and other sources. The Old Testament contributes a large part towards the religious beliefs and practises of the mullahs. Biblical and other quotes and references will be provided to astonishing detail.


A book such as this has never been written before. Muslims and non Muslims are strongly encouraged to read this original work to get a better idea of the Islam that is prescribed  inside the Koran versus the plagiarisms from outside the Koran.

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