Most people are not thinkers.
They want bread and circus.
Not an awakening.

Paigham Mustafa


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God’s message to mankind

The Deen-Islam as enshrined in the Quran is the most rational means of improving the human condition in an enduring manner.

Unlike religion, it is not about an individual’s quest for personal salvation but a collective system for universal welfare and progress.

Without cultural or traditional bias, this exposition is accurate because uniquely it is consistent in its use of classical Arabic root rules with clear explanations of their usage, and is fully annotated throughout.

This is a rendition that is authoritative, and accessible in a way that others are not.


God’s message to mankind

Here is an exposition that does real justice to the original Quran.

While many translations have contributed to some understanding of the Quran, it is true that no translation can be definitive.

However, now for the first time, here is an exposition that really is different. This exposition is without traditional bias or cultural influence.

It has clarity and unprecedented accuracy not to be found in other translations, in an easy to understand language.

In troubled times, the Quran speaks of lasting values of compassion, equality, inclusion, peace and security – all underpinned by accountability.

Whatever your belief, this is a compelling read

The Quran, Muslims believe, is God’s word and the final expression of His message to all people, whatever their belief, race or background.

Others may not share this view but will recognise it as one of the world’s most important books, gaining ever-increasing influence.

For this reason alone, it is worth a read.

answering inconvenient questions

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