RELIGION is often considered a binding factor – but is in reality divisive. However, when you remove the dress code, rituals and traditions from religion, any religion, it must rely on core universal values – the very principles that bring people together, whatever their background.
Religious divisions cause nothing but fear and turmoil, and it is important to understand that religions distinguish themselves by their rituals and cultural practices, while Islam as a socio-economic system has no such impediments.
The difference is that a system produces measurable results while religion cannot and was never designed to. This in essence sets religion and Islam apart.
The Quran provides the blueprint for a social and economic model that has the welfare and progress of all humankind at its epicentre: a holistic solution that no religion or political structure can ever provide.
This book is a short guide to what Islam is and how it differs from the many religions claiming to be Islam.


When intelligent people look at the absurdities and futility of religion,

they often reject God, when in reality they should reject religion.

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Religion & Islam