Whatever your belief,
the Quran is a compelling read.


Now for the first time, here is an exposition that really is different. The values and concepts, however, are entirely as originally expounded, but now with the added clarity and accuracy of an improved translation, this exegesis is certainly far easier to understand than any of its predecessors, or indeed any edition available today.


This genuinely makes it a practical book of guidance;
a book fit for the purpose for which it was intended.


Religion? No, this is Deen-Islam.
A way of life that you can relate to and
a guidance you can truly understand.


If the word ‘Islam’ conjures up a medieval image frequently projected by the media, and in no small way substantiated by the self-appointed ‘guardians of faith’, then prepare yourself to be enlightened.


The Quran champions the cause of not only against religion, but also the erroneous innovations and banal traditions appended to it. This may seem paradoxical until you understand the comparative difference between ‘religion’ and ‘deen’: a word with no English equivalent but in the Quranic context can be translated as the living Social Order: the System of God.


Religion is a subjective experience shaped by the susceptibilities and prejudices of individuals, while deen is an objective reality concerned with the progress and welfare of mankind.


This book is a first in presenting Islam, the Deen – not the religion, in such a forthright, refreshing and objective manner. Issues that are usually swept under the carpet are now brought to the forefront, opening up topics, often considered undebatable, in a daring, challenging and thought-provoking manner.

Usually people understand personal development to be about education, skills and attitude. All these are important, but the process requires the alignment of much more than this.


In a world where selfishness, greed and corruption drive success, people with such traits are often seen as paragons of virtue, here is a system that is the perfect model for true Self- development.


This is not about religion or spirituality. In fact it is a challenge to such regressive beliefs.


The only system that can be said to be complete and competent is one that benefits not just the individual or a select few but one that also adds value to the wider society.


The Divine Blueprint is the design-plan that lays the foundation and structure for such a system, the one based on enduring universal values, and carries these indispensable principles for true development of the Self.


What makes this system potent and compelling is that not only does its implementation develop the human Self, but it simultaneously improves the welfare of society at all levels. It is intrinsically holistic with a positive impact that is far-reaching and can be experienced by everyone.


The ultimate objective in life is Self-development. Here is a system that is the perfect model to achieve this goal. The means to this end is creating an environment that will secure this outcome. Therefore, this book has three primary intentions:

  1. To show Islam in the pristine light of the Quran; the system of Islam provides the social and economic model that has the welfare and progress of all humankind at its epicentre: a holistic solution for complete Self-development that no religion or political system can ever provide.
  2. To counter the antagonists’ criticism of Islam. People see the noxious behaviour of some individuals and think it is Islam, when evidently it is not. What the Quran says and what most people believe are often different things and this misalignment needs to be corrected to diffuse the charges.
  3. To dispel the myths and fabrications which shroud Islam. People have moved away from the Quran’s dynamic guidance for universal well-being and have instead replaced it with mantras and rituals for personal salvation. These regressive narratives need to be exposed to prevent the spread of toxic beliefs that are eroding society.

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