The Quran, literally The Recitation, Muslims believe was revealed to a man called Muhammad whom God chose as His final messenger. It was revealed in Arabic because the original recipients were Arabs, but the message is for all mankind.


The Quran’s claim to divine authorship, God’s word verbatim, is uniqueand it presents scientific facts such as sexuality (pairs) in plant life that was later discovered in circa 1790 and one has just to read it to discover that it contains some perceptive information firmly based on scientific facts confirmed by discoveries and research over past few centuries. The intrinsic structure, complete with self-reference, makes it inimitable and unique.


The Quran challenges those who doubt it’s authenticity and divine authorship to produce  a like-for-like copy; one which like the Quran is without flaws:


You may wish to disregard some of this guidance that is revealed to you and you may be discouraged by it… However, you (Muhammad) are only a warner, It is God who controls all things. If they say, “He (Muhammad) fabricated this recitation,” then tell them, “Produce ten verses like these, fabricated, and invite as witnesses whomever you can, other than God, if you are truthful.” [Verses 11:12-13].


If the author of the Quran is telling you how to defeat Him, then He is certain that He is undefeatable. This challenge has yet to be met.


Those who truly believe and implement this message, do so not because of faith or any mystical experience but because they see the value of its profoundness, its intense, insightful and penetrating wisdom. Once the message is understood, its power becomes overwhelming.[1]


The Quran describes not only how the world works but how it should work.


In the Quran, those who lead a life according to the Permanent Values are described as muslims, generally translated as submitters to God’s will, but the best description is those who harmonise with His ordinance: the Deen-Islam.


Those who accept the message of theQuran will do so because they use, not their sight, but their insight to see the profoundness of this message. This message must be chosen deliberately and of one’s own free will. God does not compel you to accept His way as such forced goodness would have no value.The Quran was originally revealed to Muhammad, but now anyone who reads it becomes a witness to this covenant with God.


[1]When asked how they recognise a messenger from God, the believers said that the profound guidance he brought made them believers. See verses and footnotes 7:75; 85:21-22.

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